Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cookies

The other day my Aunt called to tell us that my cousin had gotten engaged. Yeay! Awesome news! Of course, immediately we started making plans of when the wedding would be, which members of the family would fly over (the wedding will be in Pakistan), and how much fun we’d have. It’s been a while since there’s been a really close family friend / family member’s wedding and I miss it. The craziness that leads up to it, all the organizing, hah even all the drama. It’s just so much fun.


And of course within all these discussions, was a key component – what are we going to wear?? Normally I’m a jeans / top / semi-sneaker flats kind of gal. I don’t really think about bags or shoes or coordinating anything. My wardrobe is simple – everything works with everything else so it’s easier for me to grab whatever is clean and get dressed in the morning so I can head to work. But a wedding is different. These are fancy outfits that cannot be bought the day before. And I’m South Asian, so these fancy outfits are always decked out with embroidery, jewels, and all things bling. So I started looking up potential outfits to get made and started taking measurements.


And then that feeling sets in. The one that I’m sure almost every woman has had to go through, especially those of us that are larger than your supposedly typical size 6. “Ugh. I’m so huge! That outfit looks gorgeous on the model, but it’s going to look disgusting on me. My waist / hips / chest / thighs / etc are nowhere near that size. This sucks. I think I need chocolate ice cream. With whipped cream. A large bowl of it. Now.” I know I’m an emotional eater. I come from a family of emotional eaters. It’s a difficult habit to break. Logically, I know that a bowl of ice cream is exactly what I DON’T need at the moment. Instead, I should exercise. The rush of adrenaline you get from physical activity beats out any dessert, and it brings me closer to my goal of losing weight and living a healthy life.


But ehhh. I don’t really care for logic all the time. Hah. That’s where these cookies come in. These are my “break glass in case of emergency chocolate binge craving time” cookies. I’m not saying these are healthy. I mean come on now, these are chocolate cookies. But they don’t have any egg yolks, or butter, or flour, or chocolate chips. Yes they contain sugar, but nothing compared to everything else that I bake or is found in my freezer. The punch-you-in-the-face intense chocolate flavor guarantees that I’ll only really have one cookie at a time, and they are just so satisfying with the crunch of walnuts. By the time I’ve finished one, I’ve also managed to talk myself down from the sugar rush ledge I was about to jump off of. Whatever. It works for me.


So there you go. My Flourless Not So Healthy But Helps Me Maintain My Sanity And Diet Chocolate Cookie. The recipe is part of my guest post series on WinnieDetwaLand.com so head over there for the full recipe. If you have any other tips for staying on the healthy track, no matter how small, definitely let me know. We all need all the support we can get 🙂


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